Your New Home in Almería
Your New Home in Almería
Your New Home in Almería
Your New Home in Almería

Your New Home in Almería

The Company

Hermanos Mena S.C.A. (Mena Brothers) is a family run construction company, founded in 1997 with the collaboration of five brothers with experience in different fields of construction work.

The company is located in Barrio de Chicago, Zurgena, Almería and our construction sites are mainly located in the surrounding areas of Arboleas, Zurgena, Albox, Huercal-Overa, Vera and Mojacar.

The five partners and owners of Hermanos Mena S.C.A. are (in age order):

  • Martín Mena
  • Jose Antonio Mena
  • Gines Mena
  • Francisco Javier Mena
  • Jesus Mena

The company was started by the aforementioned with the aim of building quality houses and creating job satisfaction for our employees. Since the inception of the company, due to the local demand for more houses and our number of clients we have progressively increased the number of employees and working tools at our disposal.

As of writing we employee a core group of twenty five people and regularly collaborate with reliable, external companies of carpenters, plasterers, painters, and electricians for specialized jobs. Along with these external companies, coordinated by Hermanos Mena S.C.A. we have built a series of very pretty, cosy and perfectly finished houses.

Hermanos Mena S.C.A. was, of course, created with the aim of making an end of year profit, but we are not completely preoccupied with that aim. We take the satisfaction of our clients very seriously and rate it our highest priority, so we make a massive effort to ensure that our clients do not encounter any problems during or after the construction of their house. We build each house to the individual taste of each client, using our knowledge of construction and professionalism , plus the daily incorporation of new materials and techniques in construction. In addition, we rely on the technical advice of local architects and foremen to ensure that every project we undertake is both legal and within the time limits we set for your construction, ensuring that you receive your ‘Escritura de la Vivienda’ (House Deeds) within a reasonable time period.

Hermanos Mena S.C.A. are very conscientious about safety for the workforce and undertake rigorous safety precautions to ensure the safety of their workforce in both SECURITY and HEALTH in the workplace. For this reason we ensure that all of our employees are equipped with all necessary tools for their job and are continually updated and refreshed in Health and Safety procedures. This is important to us as it means that our employees are safe and that work on all of our buildings continues effectively.

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